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1968 (Age 13)
"Science Prize".

A 13 year old Cranbrook High School pupil recently won equal first place in the School Science Research Competition.

1969 (Age 14)
"Physics" Sydney Morning Herald.

The complete adder unit used a total of six valves, each containing two discrete triodes in the one envelope, giving a total of twelve valve functions.

1970 (Age 15)
"Meet Merv the Missing Metal Link".

MERV (Movile Environmental Response Vehicle) is a robot. But he's more than just an unfeeling mass of metal.

1970 (Age 15)
"At 15, Peter builds a mechanical brain" Sunday Telegraph.

In the basement workshop his father built him under the family's Maroubra home, he dreamed up the robot Merv. It won him the highest award.

1970 (Age 15)
"Peter's a wizard with bits and pieces" Sydney Jewish News.

Is he a good student I asked? "Considering the small amount of work I do...yes" he quipped.

1971 (Age 16)
"First Patent Issued". Television Image Modulator

This device produced coloured patterns on a TV screen in response to music being played. Unfortunately, colour television was not introduced into Australia for another 4 years. Another idea before its time.

1972 (Age 17)
"Biological rhythms studied".

The investigator showed an extraordinary command of knowledge and skills in the field of electronics for a high school student.

1975 (Age 20)
"Music you can watch" Sunday Times.

A 20-year-old Sydney University sudent has invented the ultimate gadget for hi-fi enthusiasts - a machine that lets them see as well as hear the music they play.

1979 (Age 25)
"First purchase order" Stevie Wonder.

Stevie Wonder was the first of a long list of celebreties to purchase the Fairlight CMI.

1982 (Age 28)
"Vitalcall helps handicapped" The Australian

Vitalcall [designed by Peter Vogel] has been on the market for about 18 months and has saved many lives".

1983 (Age 29)
"The Music Machine" National Times.

It's a dream come true for a lot of starving musicians.

1985 (Age 31)
"Export Award" Export Development Group of NSW.

Kim and Peter have shown that Australians have the ingenuity and talent to be world leaders in their field.

1990 (Age 36)
"Documents safer" Computer World.

The em-bargo document security system from Right Hemisphere is claimed to deter aunauthorised distribution of documents.

1990 (Age 36)
"How in the world" Reader's Digest book.

The idea of sampling, on which most modern synthesis is based, was introduced by Australians Peter Vogel, Kim Ryrie and Tony Furse with their Fairlight Computer Musical Instrument.

1992 (Age 38)
"New light glimmers on horizon" The Australian.

Mr Vogel revealed that during the last four years he developed a keen interest in interactive television.

1997 (Age 43)
"Classic Samplers" The Mix.

That guy was Peter Vogel and he was having a really hard time because no-one was interested in the concept of sampling then. But Larry picked up on it, and for me it was a sort of fantasy come true.

2001-2006 (Age 46)

In its mission to bravely go where Microsoft feared to tread, Aussie start-up IceTV has had another win...

2005 (Age 51)
"Electronic Maestros" New Scientist.

Modern music would probably sound very different without Bob Moog, Peter Vogel and David Smith...

2006-present (Age >52)
"Vogel Ross Pty Ltd".

A media, technology and finance consultancy bridging the gap between the ‘suits’ and the ‘boffins’.