Accolades: IceTV in the Press 2005-06
Altech Computers, manufacturer of the Maestro line of Media Center PCs will
distribute iceguide 4 MCE throughout 4000 resellers around the country…
Iceguide 4 MCE will be the killer application for Media Center in Australia. It
will change the way you watch TV by allowing you to watch what you want, when
you want. CNET, 20 July 2005
An Australian distribution and manufacturer of PC products has succeeded
where Microsoft has failed. 
IceTV… has signed a deal with Altech to provide its Maestro product with an
The Maestro was developed around two years ago … however it was missing an
important component which is being provided to us by Ice TV… Ice TV has
nailed down exactly what Altech wanted. Smarthouse - Monday, 11 July 2005
Now you can subscribe to the Iceguide service from IceTV, which we wrote
about last year, when it was still being developed by Blue Mountains-based
inventor Peter Vogel... The software is simple to install on your PC and it
fetches the updates and uploads them to the Topfield without a hitch. Melbourne
Age, April 28, 2005
In its mission to bravely go where Microsoft feared to tread, Aussie start-
up IceTV has had another win, signing up network specialist Netgear.  
IceTV has now signed Netgear which will incorporate the guide in its WGT634U
Wireless Media Router.
Prior to launching its Media Center PC operating system in Australia, Microsoft
promised it would deliver an Electronic Program Guide, but this promise was
never fulfilled and the company has refused to provide an explanation.
This has opened the way for IceTV to become the dominant force in
Electronic Program Guides locally. Smarthouse - Friday, 22 July 2005 
The high definition Toshiba will suit those with a high-end home entertainment
system, while the Legend is great for those on a budget, but the Topfield's
IceTV-compatibility makes it the pick.
Sydney Morning Herald, 20th August 2005
Where the TV stations have failed, IceTV comes to the rescue… Proper
digital TV EPG, works reliably and well. 
Sound and Image
IceTV, the biggest supplier of electronic program guide software and
content for DVRs sold in Australia [plans to] make the long-range remote control
technology available through popular web portals.
The Financial Review 12/11/2005
[People] started to learn about electronic program guides, the most
impressive of which was IceTV. Subscribe to that and recording a show
becomes a matter of clicking a button on the remote control. 
Melbourne Age December 15, 2005
The moment that Australian EyeTV users have long waited for and
hoped for has finally arrived: a functional electronic program guide  compatible
with EyeTV is now available from Australian developer IceTV. 
Australian Macworld, Jan 2006