Born: Sydney, Australia, 1954

Peter Vogel was born with a gift for electronics; he was a prototype of the modern-day "geek". He discovered electricity while still in nappies, and started tinkering with circuitry at the age of 4. He spent his youth building everything from ham radio transmitters to computers, no mean feat at a time when integrated circuits were yet to become available. Click here for some examples of Peter's extraordinary achievements.

Peter has been working in the electronics industry since graduating from high school in 1972. He has established a proven track record in innovative product design and development. His most outstanding achievement to date has been the world's first sound sampling electronic musical instruments. He was co-founder of Fairlight Instruments, the company which during the 1980s became known around the world for leading edge development of electronic music products. His contribution to the recording industry and to Australian technology export has won Peter a number of awards, including the Advance Australia award and an Export Development award.

In 1988 Peter left his position as Research Director of Fairlight Instruments, where he headed a team of thirty engineers, to found Right Hemisphere. This move was made to broaden his horizons from the narrow field of sound and vision processing to the wider realm of computers and communications. In particular, he wished to realise a number of new ideas which were outside Fairlight's scope.

Peter has extensive experience with protection of intellectual property. He obtained his first patent (for a telephone trunk barring device) at the age of 16 and has been inventing ever since.

Several of the ideas that motivated the founding of Right Hemisphere have now been realised. All are patented in the major world markets. Some of these have been licensed internationally.

In 2003, Peter closed down Right Hemisphere to concentrate on developing IceTV. IceTV provides Australia's first subscription based electronic program guide for television, offering a TiVo-like service including the ability to remotely instruct digital video recorders to record content using mobile phones and internet browsers.

He continued as Chief Technical Officer until October 2006 when he and three other professionals with expertise in technology, media and commerce started a new consultancy Vogel Ross Pty Ltd. See his blog on technology, media and business.

Peter lives with his wife Lorraine and youngest daughter Jasmine at Faulconbridge, in the Blue Mountains near Sydney, Australia, in this very unusual limestone house which he spent 4 years building.

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