Peter Vogel's Fairlight Audio Archives

Here is a collection of audio material including Fairlight demos, radio interviews and CMI pieces from the eighties. There are even a couple of recordings from the Fairlight CMI's predecessor, the Qasar M8, designed by Tony Furse. The M8 did not use sampling, the sounds were generated by additive Fourier synthesis.

Some of the pieces are of unknown origin, or have little information. If you recognise anything and can add some detail, please email me.

My personal Fairlight audio archives.

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ABC Radio Music Line 9-9-86 (4MB)ABC Radio 2FC Music Line 9-9-86. Includes Martin Wesley-Smith and gift of CMI by Australia to Beijing
WWL New Orleans 28-5-81 (83MB)CMI live on the Bill Calder Show, Radio WWL New Orleans 28-5-1981 with Johnny Hopkins.mp3
Demo2 bits and pieces (14MB)Bits and pieces for CMI demo tape 2 (probably by Mars Lasar)
Blue Holes (4MB)"Blue Holes" Mars Lasar, CMI 1986
Erdentief (12MB)Excerpts from Hubert Bognermayr's 1982 CMI album "Erdenklang" (I think). Bognemayr was one of the founders of the Ars Electronica festival at which the CMI won first prize in 1980.
Boz and Poli (8MB)Boz Burrel and Poli Palmer (BadCompany, UK) CMI MCL & SQ
CMI demo LA April 1981 (8MB)CMI demo (origin unknown other than Los Angeles April 1981)
CMI demo (unidentified, 8MB)CMI demo (unidentified) includes theme of ABC TV series "Timelapse" by Michael Carlos
CMI demo 5-12-80 (19MB)CMI demo, unknown source other than dated 5-12-80
CMI demo April 1980 (10MB)CMI demo by Michael Carlos, April 1980
CMI Demo 1 A (19MB)CMI Demo tape No1 A side
CMI Demo 1 B (17MB)CMI Demo tape No1 B side
CMI Demo 2 rough (9MB)CMI Demo tape No2 rough mix
CMI SII A (18MB) CMI Series II Demonstration Tape Side A
Vince Clarke (8MB)CMI II Vince Clarke "Depeche Mode" Nov 1984
Brian Gascoigne (14MB)CMI demo by Brian Gascoigne, Kaleidophon Studio London
Village Recorder (5MB)CMI Demo, Village Recorder, Los Angeles March 1980.mp3
Series 3 library (12MB)CMI Series 3 New sounds from library release 5-2
CMI sounds June 1980 (19MB)CMI sounds Michael Carlos June 1980
David Vorhaus 1981 (30MB)David Vorhaus, Kaleidophon Studios Sept 1981
Duncan Macguire 1 (3MB)Duncan Macguire's first CMI piece
Duncan Macguire 2 (19MB)Duncan Macguire 5-12-1980
Fairlight Music Facilities, London (4MB)Fairlight Music Facilities London - demo by Derek Austin
Radio 2GB 21-10-81 (11MB)Greg Lenthen Sydney radio 2GB interviews Peter Vogel about CMI, 21-10-1981
Grossouts commmercial (2MB)Hasbro Grossouts commmercial (Terry Fryer, Colnot-Fryer Music)
Jean Michel Jarre interview (6MB)Jean Michel Jarre answers questions about the CMI (Translated)
Just Fairlight 3 A (18MB)Just Fairlight no 3, A side
Just Fairlight 3 B (18MB)Just Fairlight no 3, B side
Les Petities Guerres (15MB)"Les Petities Guerres" CMI film music by Olivier Bloch-Laine, Georges Rodi, Gabriel Yared, June, 1982
Peter (1MB)MCL composition based on letters "Peter Vogel" by Brian Gascoigne, London
Merry Christmas (5MB)Merry Christmas (sent to Peter Vogel by unknown CMI customer).mp3
Michael Iceberg (1MB)Michael Iceberg was an entertainer at CMI Disney World, Orlando Florida
Klaus Netzle 1 (9MB)Klaus Netzle (aka Claude Larson) owned Elmulab Studios in Munich. This is one of his Fairlight tracks, possibly from the album Purple Sky 1986
Klaus Netzle 2 (9MB)Another Klaus Netzle (Claud Larson) Fairlight tracks
Radio 2BL 21-1-81 (14MB)Peter Vogel interviewed on radio 2BL 21-1-81 about CMI
QASAR 1 (11MB)Qasar M8 was the predecessor of the CMI, designed by Tony Furse. It did not use sampling. It was purchased by the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. This recording (unkown date) demonstrates the unique sounds acheievd thanks to its digital stability
QASAR 2 (6MB)Qasar M8 piece (multitracked) by Michael Carlos August 1978.mp3
QASAR 3 (12MB)Another Qasar M8 piece by Michael Carlos August 1978
Wayne Findlay Series 2 (27MB)Series 2 CMI demo sounds by Wayne Findlay
Music gr8r (3MB)"The music gr8r" (All CMI - unknown source)
Kessler (5MB)Thomas Kessler (Switzerland). No other details
Voicetracker demo A (4MB)Voicetracker demo side A (with voiceover) 1986
Voicetracker demo B (4MB)Voicetracker demo side B (instrumental) 1986
Reelin in the Fairlight 1 (50MB)If you have a few hours to spare listen to the history of the Fairlight CMI, originally recorded for Qantas Airways in November 2005 by the "Rock Brain of the Universe" Glenn A. Baker. Mostly music, this covers many many songs from the late 70's through to the late 80's. From Fairlight USA website.
Reelin in the Fairlight 2 (50MB) Second episode of the Glen A. Baker documentary.
Amercian Security Bank (1MB)Amercian Security Bank (All CMI)
Benilyn 1MB)Benilyn
Avon tocarra 1MB)Avon tocarra
CBS news 20 sec 1MB)CBS news 20 sec
CBS news 30 sec 1MB)CBS news 30 sec
CMI demo (5MB)CMI demo from r-to-r tape
Cinerama(1MB)Produced by George Barker, composed Tim Cross (all CMI)
Lincoln LN7(1MB)Lincoln mercury LN7
Lincoln LW(1MB)Lincoln mercury, Long walk
Lincoln mercury White Lightning (1MB)Lincoln mercury White Lightning
Motorcraft battery (1MB)Motorcraft battery
Motorcraft (1MB)Motorcraft
Seven up(1MB)Seven up carnival (all CMI)
Unidentified 1(3MB)Unidentified 1
Unidentified 2(3MB)Unidentified 2
Unidentified 3(3MB)Unidentified 3
Unidentified 4(3MB)Unidentified 4
Unidentified 5(3MB)Unidentified 5
Unidentified 6(3MB)Unidentified 6
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