Right Hemisphere's design portfolio.
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Magnetic Susceptibility Meter
Client: Geo Instruments.

The GMS-2 is a high sensitivity, portable, hand-held magnetic susceptibility meter with both digital and analog readout. The analog and digital display provides the best of both worlds for those who prefer one display over another.

APD016 16kVA Diesel Generator
Client: Advanced Power Products.

The APD016 is a skid-mounted diesel generator capable of delivering 16kW in the harshest of environmental conditions. Right Hemisphere designed the engine management, voltage regulation and metering system.

Scuba-dive Computer
Client: Mydas Engineering.

Shown is the circuit board of this dive computer. It stores dive profiles which can later be downloaded to a PC database. It uses a backlit transflective LCD.

Client: CHK Engineering.

Designed for use by electricity supply authorities, this instrument is based on a 56000 DSP. Logs 3 phase V, A, pf, f, kW, kVA, kVAr, harmonics, total energy & tariffs. Absolute RMS triggering (Volts & Amps) on exceedances outside preset limits are logged to FLASH memory for subsequent download and analysis.

Magnetic key reader
Client: James Hardie Industries.

Uses Hall-effect devices and microcontroller to read magnetically-coded keys. The whole assembly fits inside a standard lock barrel.

Client: Kevin Jacobsen Productions.

Computer-controlled gameshow set, operated by dual PCs for redundancy. Random number sofware approved by NSW lotteries. This was produced for a pilot show.

Read Rating Video Adaptor
Client: Mark Read Racing.

The adpator decodes data signals carried by Skychannel to provide a TV screen display of horse-racing information.

Door Controller
Client: Architecural Glass Products.

Microprocessor-based sliding door controller.

Payphone metering system
Client: AUSSAT Products.

A PC based system for causing payphone coins to drop at a rate determined from the number dialled. Also logged numbers called for billing purposes. Used for remote-area payphones

D-radio on-air console
Client: Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Microprocessor-controlled console provides the user interface for ABC's digitial radio production system. Features dual redundancy and hot-swap ability to achieve the high reliability required for on-air application..

Satellite Delay Simulator
Client: AUSSAT.

Microprocessor-based portable test instrument simulates delays and adjustable bit-error-rates for evaluating satellite communications.

End Use Monitor
Client: Sydney Electricity.

Logger records energy usage patterns in an installation. The unit shown mounts in the switchboard and communicates via carrier on the mains to slave devices which measure energy consumption of particlar appliances. Data is downloaded remotely via modem for analysis.

Cellular phone charger
Client: OKI.

Microprocessor-controlled rapid and trickle chargers for NiCd and NiMH batteries.

Client: Nayborcall.

A duress alarm system that creates a local area network amongst neighbouring houses, using power-line carrier communications.

Client: ZapTV Pty Ltd (now IceTV).

Television set-top box provides on-screen TV guide, parental control, VCR programming and commercial zapping.

Last updated 12 Jan 2006.